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Smile Gallery

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Full Arch Reconstruction

Before: Worn, Broken & Decayed Teeth

After: Beautiful High Strength Ceramic Crowns

Adolescent with Multiple Missing Teeth

Before: Adolescent Smile with Missing Teeth

After: Restorations with Implants & Crowns

Before: Adolescent Missing Multiple Permanent Teeth

After: All Ceramic Crowns on Implants & Teeth

Advanced wear of teeth

Broken down Teeth due to Attrition & Habit Patterns

Restoration of Upper & Lower Front Teeth

Severe Attrition of Upper Front Teeth

All Ceramic Crowns for Upper Teeth






Premierdontics: Teeth in a Day: Case 1

Before: Day of Treatment

After: Same day Temporary Acrylic Bridge Supported by Newly Installed Implants

4 months later: Premierdontics-Final PrettauTm Style Zirconia Implant-Supported Bridge

Final: PrettauTm Style Implant-Supported Zirconia Bridge

Final: PrettauTm Style Implant-Supported Zirconia Bridge

Premierdontics: Teeth in a Day: Case 2

Before: Patient presents with Failing Implant Bridgework

After: PrettauTm Style Zirconia Implant Bridge

Before: Patient presents with Failing Acrylic Bridgework

After: Completed PrettauTm Style Implant Bridge

All on Four, Five or Six Implant-Supported Bridge

All on Four, Five or Six Implant-Supported Bridge

Premierdontics: Teeth in a Day: Case 3

Cleaning under Implant Bridge

Use of Dental Floss

Ceramic Onlays

All that was left of Decayed Teeth

Conservative Onlays Preserving Remaining Structure

Chipped Edges of Front Teeth (Veneers)

Smile with Chipped Edges of Front Teeth

Smile Enhancement with Ceramic Veneers

Chipped Edges of Front Teeth

Improved with Ceramic Veneers

Smile design

Gummy Smile with Deep Overbite & Very Thin Lip Profile

Final Smile with All Ceramic Crowns

Short Misshapen Teeth with Worn Edges & Spacing

Enhanced Tooth Form with Ceramic Restorations

Dental Implants: Case 1 and 2

Before: Lateral Incisor with Hopeless Prognosis

After: Lateral Incisor Replaced with Implant & Crown

Before: Missing Teeth without Replacement

After: Missing Teeth Replaced with Implants & Crowns

Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisor Teeth

Orthodontics:Create Space for Implant & Crown

Final Implant Supported Crown

Smile with Ceramic Implant Crown

Creating Ideal Space for an Implant and Crown

Finished Ceramic Crown on underlying Implant and Abutment

Smile with Permanent Implant Crown

Correcting Black Triangles

Before: Note Dark Triangles between Teeth

After: Eliminated Spaces with All Ceramic Crowns

Before: Smile with Spaces between Front Teeth

After: Improved Smile with Crowns

Diagnostic Composite Mockup

Smile with Crowded Front Teeth

Adding Material to show How Smile may be Improved

Crowded Front Teeth

Diagnostic Mockup: To show Tx Plan Outcome

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Before: Smile with Very Badly Worn Edges of his Teeth

After: Smile Improvement After Restoration of Teeth & Bite

Before: Erosion Resulting in Severe Wear of Natural Teeth

After: Rebuilding and Rejuvenating Teeth & Bite

Before: Severe Bruxer/Grinder-Badly Worn Teeth

After: Beautifully Rebuilt & Rejuvenated Worn Teeth

Before: Restoring Worn Teeth with Dental Crowns

After: Restoring Worn Teeth with Dental Crowns

Gum Recession Severe Wear of Teeth

Before: Poor Appearance of the Patient's Smile

After: Beautifully Balanced Smile with Ceramic Crowns

Severely Compromised Upper & Lower Teeth

All Ceramic Crowns for Upper & Lower Teeth

Before: Badly Worn, Stained and Decayed Front Teeth

After: Rejuvenated Front Teeth with All-Ceramic Crowns

Interdisciplinary Treatment - Esthetic Smile

Narrow Smile Profile due to Collapse of Patient's Bite Relationship

New Smile After Rebuilding the Patient's Teeth & Bite

Severe Tooth Decay & Poor Tooth Position

Orthodontics: Creating Alignment of Teeth

Final: Rehabilitation of Teeth & Implant Crowns

Managing Decay, Wear and Missing Teeth

Before: 55 Year Old Female-Decayed & Worn Teeth

After: Improved Form & Function

Before: Horizontal Wear of Upper Front Teeth

After: Restoration of Upper Front Teeth

Managing a Developmental Deformity

Before: Cleft Lip & Palate with Open Bite

Repaired Cleft with Orthodontics & Jaw Surgery

After: Crowns to Restore Teeth & Bite

Mimicking Nature

Before: Broken Central Incisor

After: Restoration of Broken Central Incisor

Before: Single Central Incisor Fractured in Half

After: Beautiful Ceramic Crown

Severe Erosion of Teeth

Before: Erosion of Teeth with Loss of Enamel

After: All Ceramic Crowns

Smile Makeover



Value of Temporary Restoration

Before Treatment Begins

After: Patient Functioning with Temporary Crowns

Before: Worn & Broken Front Teeth

Temporary Crowns: A Blueprint for the Permanent Crowns


Before: Badly Worn Edges of Teeth

After: Restoration of Tooth Form with Ceramics

Posttreatment: Natural Looking Smile

Unnatural Monochromatic Crowns on front teeth

Patient Unhappy with Appearance of her Teeth

Improvement in the Shape, Form & Color

Original Unattractive Monochromatic Crowns

Attractive Vibrant New Crowns with Lifelike Translucency

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