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Dr. Starr is offering this educational blog as a resource to our patients. Our hope is hope that our blog will cover subjects that you may be interested in.

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What Is Dental Attrition?

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Neil Starr DDS PC
You put your teeth through a lot. You bite on things you're not supposed to. You eat weird things. You even get older. All of these things wear on your teeth. In fact, dental attrition- or the wearing down of teeth- is normal. While dental attrition is common, especially as you get older, there are things you can do to slow it down. Here is some information about dental attrition. Wearing Your Teeth OutDental attrition is tooth against tooth contact. Over time, when teeth grind or rub against each other, you can get teeth that are worn. This is common as people age. However, there are habits you have that can cause your teeth to wear out sooner. If you have bruxism- the clenching or grinding of your teeth at night, you might have teeth that are worn. Clenching and grinding your teeth can also cause severe damage. Bruxism can also cause tooth decay and sensitivity to warm or cold foods. If you have a lot of tooth decay or gum disease, you may also have a lot of tooth wear. Prevention DentistryThere are things you can do to guard against tooth wear. Make sure that you are practicing good dental hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, every day. Visit us for checkups twice a year. You may want to make sure that the toothpaste you are using has fluoride in it, which helps to strengthen teeth. Also, if you think you might have bruxism, you need to be fitted with a nightguard. A nightguard allows you to sleep peacefully without grinding your teeth by taking away the biting pressure on your tooth's surface. If you have questions about dental attrition, why not make an appointment to come in and see us? We can share tips with you on preventing dental attrition. Give us a call today....

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