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What Problems Can Veneers Correct?

Veneers at Dr. Starr's Office, in Washington, DCWe can give your teeth a perfected look quickly and easily with the placement of dental veneers. Designed to hide imperfections, Dr. Starr and Dr. Orta provide their patients with individualized, custom veneers made in our office, taking you and your look into consideration with every step. From the look of your teeth to the symmetry of your face, and how the entire finished look comes together, our staff at Neil Starr, DDS, PC is part of every step. If you have teeth that are chipped, damaged, stained, or misshapen, we invite you to see the difference customized veneers can make.

Dental veneers have become a rapidly popular cosmetic dental solution. A beautiful smile is known to light up a room, increasing the beauty of your face and your self-confidence. More and more, professionals are seeking that perfected look that we can provide. Dr. Starr is a Fellow and member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He has been recognized for his work in offering extremely natural-looking veneers, taking not only the look of the teeth into consideration but how the design fits and improves the patient's facial symmetry, lip shape, and facial form. To learn more about how Neil Starr, DDS, PC's expertise in customizing, fabricating in-office, and placing porcelain veneers, and how they can improve your smile, contact our office today!

Dental Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that is color matched to your teeth. Dr. Starr and Dr. Orta can permanently bond the veneers to the face of your teeth to hide some imperfections. Veneers are used to conceal:
•  Small Teeth: A common genetic defect in the shape of teeth is called ectodermal dysplasia. This syndrome often results in patients having abnormally small, misshapen teeth, or even missing teeth. There are options. Dental veneers can give patients the appearance of longer, perfected teeth.
•  Worn-down Teeth: A common disorder in dentistry is bruxism. This disorder is characterized by clenching or grinding your teeth subconsciously. Patients who have been grinding their teeth may experience damage including the wearing down of the tooth. Dental veneers can be used on front teeth to conceal this damage and help restore the tooth.
•  Minor Dental Misalignment: Veneers can provide symmetry to the look of your teeth, perfecting your smile. Symmetry in your smile will vastly improve your look and may even assist in your bite.
•  Chipped or Cracked Teeth: Teeth can get chips or cracks from use, just because it is normal, doesn't mean it is attractive. Hiding chips can help your teeth look fresh and may even help you look younger.
•  Asymmetrical or Misshapen Teeth: The most common misshapen teeth are the lateral incisors, which can play such an important role in the look of your smile. We can improve the shape and the symmetry of your smile.
•  Teeth With Intrinsic Stains: More than stains from coffee or smoking, patients can have stains that are below the surface. Most commonly caused by a range of medications or an excess of fluoride during tooth development leading to a condition known as fluorosis, these stains will not go away with teeth whitening. Concealing discolored or stained teeth can provide you a beautiful smile.

Contact Us for More Information on Dental Veneers!

Our staff at Neil Starr, DDS, PC, along with Dr. Starr and Dr. Orta can help you have a smile to be proud of. For more information on dental veneers and how we can customize a look that can change the appearance of your entire face, contact us today at: (202) 293-7177.

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