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A man smiling after receiving prosthodontics care at Neil Starr, DDS, PC in Washington, DCWe only live once, and we should make every part of it remarkable. However, how is this possible if you have dental issues? Loss of even a single tooth can cause much distress, even more, if there are two or three. This is why we at Neil Starr, DDS, PC are here to serve you. We have a dedicated and professional staff that can answer to your dental needs. To have that beaming smile that you always wanted, regularly visit us or call us to set an appointment.

Prosthodontics for Your Dental Restoration

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the restoration and replacement of damaged teeth. If some of your teeth are already gone, and you want to have a replacement for it, we can help you. We want you to be proud of your beautiful and functional set of pearly whites. We have Dr. Starr, and other dental specialists that are experts in handling all types of restoration and cosmetic cases. Our long list of satisfied patients says it all. Look no more, let us start now, so you can achieve the killer smile you always wanted in no time.

Our teeth play an important role in various activities, such as eating, speaking, singing, and biting. However, if you have some teeth that are already missing, it can make those activities more difficult. That is where we can help. We will help you with the replacement and restoration of your teeth. There are various prosthodontic procedures being performed these days. The type of treatment your smile requires will depend on the condition of your teeth, and your specific needs. Before we start treatment, a thorough evaluation and assessment are conducted. This is important so that we can provide the best treatment possible. Plus, it helps us to identify any underlying issues that might cause further damage to your teeth. The most common procedures performed at our office are veneers, crowns, dental implants, fixed bridges, and dentures.

Dental reconstruction and restoration involve procedures and surgeries that are carefully performed. They each require detailed planning, and when necessary, working with other dental professionals to achieve the best results. We can assure you that we deliver superior quality service with dental replacements that are well-crafted and sturdy. You can simply inquire, or set an appointment with us and learn more about them.

Prosthodontist Vs. Dentist

A prosthodontist is someone who is qualified to perform many types of dental restoration procedures. Prosthodontists go to school to become a dentist, but then go on to get some additional training and education in school. They work specifically on cases that involve treating, replacing, or restoring missing tooth and jaw structures. Choosing a prosthodontist is a wise decision because they have that extra experience in this field. They are experienced and skilled in state of the art procedures used in restorations for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Dr. Starr, owner of Neil Starr, DDS, PC, is a certified prosthodontist renowned for his restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We guarantee unparalleled service and outstanding treatment. For more information, contact us now at (202) 293-7177.

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A prosthodontist is someone who is qualified to perform many types of dental restoration procedures. Dr. Neil L. Starr is a certified prosthodontist renowned in DC for his restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Click the link to learn more.
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