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What is an Oral Infection and What Are The Different Types?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Neil Starr DDS PC
What is an Oral Infection and What Are The Different Types?Normally, the human body allows for small amounts of fungus to live in the mouth. However, certain conditions result in these fungi multiplying causing a yeast infection. An oral thrush, otherwise known as an oral infection, is the result of a yeast infection developing in your mouth.

Symptoms of Oral Thrush

Symptoms of an oral infection include white patches in the mouth that leave red spots that bleed slightly when wiped off. You might also see evidence of redness in the mouth and throat. Oral infections also cause the loss of taste which is then replaced by an unpleasant taste in the mouth. In some instances, you might also experience a burning sensation in the mouth. You could also experience cracks in the corners of the mouth. Oral infections contribute to difficulty swallowing or slight bleeding if the sores are scrapped. If you wear dentures, you are also likely to feel pain under them.

Oral Thrush Causes

An oral infection is usually mild and rarely has serious complications unless you have a weak immune system. An overgrowth of the fungus causing an oral infection may be caused when you take some antibiotics. These antibiotics kill friendly microorganisms, giving way to an overgrowth in Candida albicans (C. Albicans).

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy also kill healthy cells making you more susceptible to oral infections. Weakened systems due to diseases such as Leukemia and HIV increase the likelihood of the development of these as well.

Also, uncontrolled diabetes causes high glucose levels in the mouth. This again creates favorable conditions for an overgrowth of Candida albicans (C. Albicans). It is possible to transmit oral infections to someone else if you kiss them. When left untreated, oral infections cause the yeast infection to move to other body parts such as the vagina.

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