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Different Ways to Treat Gum Disease You Need to Know

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Neil Starr DDS PC
Different Ways to Treat Gum Disease You Need to KnowThe more technical way our dentists will refer to this disease is periodontitis. It is a disease where bacteria infect the gum, making them swollen or sore. Even if it is a common disease, it needs treatment. Otherwise, the tissue and bone that holds your teeth get weak because of the infection, and you can even lose your teeth. Here are some of the ways to treat periodontitis.

Does Gum Disease Always Need Surgery?

The short answer is no. The foundation of gum disease treatment will depend on its severity. That way, your treatment can go from non-surgical approaches to surgical ones. Most of the time, the non-surgical procedures will focus on controlling the bacteria growth.

On the other hand, the surgical ones are for the most advanced types of gum disease, where you will need restoration of the weakened tissue.

The most basic non-surgical approach is deep dental cleaning. Plaque is the film that deposits on your teeth after eating, and if you do not clean it and let it harden up, it can turn into tartar. In this procedure, one of our dentists will remove tartar and plaque on the root of your teeth.

A similar procedure is scaling and root planing, where our dentists will scrape the even more hardened tartar and smooths the root of your teeth to eliminate any rough spots.

What Are The Surgical Procedures For Gum Disease?

If the non-surgical treatment is not enough, you might need surgical treatment. One of the less invasive procedures is pocket reduction surgery, where one of our dentists will lift back the gums and eliminate any tartar you might have. The most complex ones include bone and soft tissue grafts. You can always contact us for more information on how to treat gum disease.

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