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4 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Neil Starr DDS PC
4 Worst Foods for Your TeethYou are what you eat, and there is no better place to see it than your teeth. This is because many food and beverages can cause plaque, which is a detriment to your oral health. Poor oral health can affect your mental, physical and social well-being. A missing tooth or oral infection can influence how you eat, speak and socialize. To prevent damages to your teeth, you must control your consumption of these 4 types of food.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for its detoxification properties, but its highly acidic nature can erode your tooth enamel. If you drink apple cider vinegar, add water to dilute its acidic nature. Instead of taking small sips, gulp it down in one go to prevent its contact with your teeth.

Dried Fruits

Apricots, raisin, and pineapple are definitely tasty, but consuming them regularly can cause tooth decay. Dried fruits contain high amounts of sugar, and their chewy texture can cause them to stick to your teeth. If you consume dried fruits in excessive amounts, make sure to rinse your mouth with a therapeutic mouthwash.

Pasta Sauce

Pasta contains bacteria that cause cavities. Consuming it with an acidic sauce can result in a mixture of acid and sugar, which can become dangerous for your oral health. This mixture directly impacts the gums and seeps through to your jaw bone, causing Periodontitis, a severe infection of gums that can damage the connective tissue that holds your teeth in place.


We all know that drinking alcohol isn't healthy, but did you know it can reduce the saliva in your mouth? A dry mouth can lead to numerous dental problems, one of which is tooth decay. Saliva is crucial for your teeth because it removes food particles. Moreover, it prevents early signs of tooth decay and other gum diseases.

Food is the number one source of nourishment and sometimes an enemy of your oral health. Controlled consumption of the food mentioned above can lead to a healthier lifestyle and protect your teeth. However, this does not mean you are free from oral diseases. Visiting Neil Starr, DDS, PC can ensure your teeth are in good shape and prevent any forms of oral problems. To schedule an appointment, call at (202) 293-7177, and we will be happy to help.

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