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Steps To Take Before a Dental Visit

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Neil Starr DDS PC
Steps To Take Before a Dental VisitDental visits can be extremely uncomfortable. The idea of having an item lodged in your mouth as the dentist scrapes and cleans your teeth and gums is not a pleasant one. If you experience dental anxiety, the discomfort is multiplied, almost tenfold. However, regular dental visits are an absolute must for optimal maintenance of oral hygiene and the protection of dental health.
Here are a few steps that you must take before your next dental visit. These will help you feel a little more prepared and might help alleviate some of that anxiety.

•  Brush Your Teeth and Floss – Food residue can leave a foul odor in the mouth. Patients tend to get extremely uncomfortable and self-conscious when they realize that their mouth smells. Thus, we recommend you brush and floss your teeth before visiting your dentist. However, do not go overboard with the cleaning and stick to your regular cleaning routine.
•  Do Not Eat Before Your Appointment – The previous point explains why you shouldn’t eat before your appointment. Even if you have to eat, for whatever reason, try not to eat foods rich in sugar or smelly, sticky foods that may elongate your dental cleaning appointment. Even though dentists are trained professionals, and it is improbable that one complains of the bad odor from your mouth, avoid eating any smelly food out of courtesy.
•  Be Prepared – Keep all your insurance information at hand, and keep some cash on you in case. Little worries like these can turn a simple dental visit into a very uncomfortable experience. Clear your mind, make sure you take out a little extra time so that you aren’t worried about having to get somewhere or traffic jams and rush hours.
•  Preparation Tips for Children - If you have children, you may want to start preparing them a few days before the dental appointment. Keep reminding them, maybe even do a practice checkup at home to ensure they know what is to come. You can even promise to take them for a drink later on, or give them a sort of incentive to ensure they stay calm throughout the checkup.

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