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Ignoring a Crack in Your Teeth Can Have Several Different Consequences

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Neil Starr DDS PC
Ignoring a Crack in Your Teeth Can Have Several Different ConsequencesGetting a crack in your tooth should not be something you should take lightly. After time, it can lead to dental problems that can be time-consuming to treat. Therefore, it is better to contact us immediately if you crack or fracture a tooth.

Why Ignoring a Crack in Your Tooth Is Not Good

If you bite down on a piece of hard candy and crack your tooth, you may notice at first, that the tooth hurts but choose to ignore it. Later, when you sip some hot coffee, you may notice some sensitivity. Again, you may feel that you can deal with it. However, a crack can trigger one of various problems - none of which will be too pleasant. For example, a crack can ultimately lead to ongoing sensitivity, dental decay, or an abscess. Moreover, after time, you may find it too painful to chew or eat.

How Is a Crack Treated?

A tooth that has been cracked, can vary in severity. While some cracks are shallow or smaller, other cracks may be deeper and require more care. To assess a crack, we visually examine the tooth as well as measure the gum around the tooth. We will also check the nerve and find out if the patient experiences pain while biting. In some instances, a crack results in a broken tooth. Therefore, to repair the fracture, we need to consider if the crack can be fixed with a filling, crown, or root canal therapy. In some cases, the tooth cannot be saved, and we may have to restore the smile using an implant and restoration.

If you have cracked your tooth, do not wait to call our office. Contact us immediately. Taking care of the problem immediately will prevent further issues with tooth sensitivity, decay, or an infection. Do not procrastinate when you crack a tooth. Give us a call right away.

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