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What Tea Does to Boost Our Oral Health

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Neil Starr DDS PC
What Tea Does to Boost Our Oral HealthMore often than usual, we worry more about how the foods we eat or the beverages we drink will affect our general body health or the health of specific body organs such as the heart or kidneys. However, the effect begins at the mouth from the massive amounts of sugar, caffeine, or certain acids. Either way, there are beverages such as that help boost oral health. Here is how.

Kills Bacteria

Tea and specific green tea play a significant role in significantly reducing the number of bacteria in our mouths. As a result, the number of oral infections and tooth-related problems such as cavities is significantly reduced. The gum and the tongue are also protected from diseases. A study showed that people who often rinsed their mouths with green tea had fewer bacteria in their mouth and hardly suffered oral complications such as bleeding gums.

It Is an Anti-Inflammatory

The mouth is very much susceptible to inflammations, especially the gums. Tea is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that help manage gum diseases and inflammation and prevent loss of teeth. This is because inflamed gums recede from the teeth, making it relatively easy for teeth to fall off and for the gum to get injured hence bleeding gums.

Prevents Halitosis

Bad breath is quite embarrassing and can easily ruin your day, which is why no one ever wants to suffer halitosis. Tea is very good at making your breath smell good. These days, manufacturers have taken things a notch higher and are producing tea laced with sweet-smelling flavors from natural plants such as mint, vanilla, strawberry, etc. Studies have shown that tea is better at improving the smell of your breath than mint or gum.

However, as much as tea is beneficial to your oral health, you need to be very cautious with the type you buy. Make sure it does not contain additional caffeine or sugar. Some brands add these components to their packaged tea, so if possible, you can brew your own. Want to find out more? Then give our office a call.

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